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Professional Development

Usability is a profession that attracts people with extremely varied backgrounds. Many people want to know how to make the transition into usability by drawing on their previous experience in a related field, or what educational opportunities are available to people just starting out as usability practitioners. Experienced practitioners may be considering their career path, and managers want to provide opportunities for their employees to learn new skills.


Continued learning and professional training are essential for continual growth in the evolving field of usability. To address this need, the UPA is looking for the best way to present resources that are relevant to both students and professionals looking to enhance their knowledge of this growing field.

Academic Programs

Degree programs in usability, human-computer interaction (HCI), human factors, interaction design, and others are increasingly available, along with individual courses available from various universities.

Contact the UPA if you are looking for more information about:

  • Undergraduate Programs
  • Graduate Programs
  • Individual Courses and Certificate programs

Training Opportunities

Classes, seminars, short courses and tutorials are available in many parts of the world for the practicing professional. From one day, specific topic classes (often held in conjunction with major conferences) to week long seminars, courses are intended to augment current skills and teach new, emerging skills.


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